Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Margin of Error

This is my first project under this blog. Right now I'm calling it Margin of Error, but I'm not sure how much that will tie into it later. So I've got three sections planned out, collected reference materials, designed various puzzles to be used, and now I'm ready to begin. The first part I decided to try and tackle is a coast sequence that has you riding alongside the coast with Alyx headed for a resistance outpost. This is actually the second area you go through. Unfortunately, the combine, antlions, and various barricades are blocking your path so it's not going to be easy. An important element here is getting the player to feel as if they are actually crusing next to the ocean. Mist from the ocean, sound of the waves, coastal highway, wrecked ships, lighthouses, sea port, power plants, seagulls, hot beach sun above, and of course a beach house(also a barricade) all help to pull off a coast atmosphere. Once I feel I've nailed the atmosphere I'll begin on the scripted sequence that takes place in the small garage before you leave, which is what the screen shot shows.

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